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First Aid Courses

CPR-esq offers a wide variety of First Aid and CPR training for the public, corporate, individuals, Family and Friends, children (Mini Medics), teachers as well as professionals. It is essential that first aid or CPR be taught to adults and children alike, as a first responder to emergency situations, the skills taught to you can save a life.... 

All our trainers are qualified and have vast experience in their fields. All are registered with the respective councils and continue to do so on an annual basis. CPR-esq will cater for your needs when it comes to the training that you require. We are very flexible to your needs and will adjust to the appropriate settings for your training. All our courses are certified in terms of the Health and Safety act. 

CPR-esq offers courses to professional healthcare workers who want to expand or refresh their knowledge. We offer Basic Life Support for Healthcare Professionals (BLS for HCP) and CPR for Professionals. Both courses are accredited through the Resus Council of South Africa.

Remember ... LOVE LIFE... SAVE A LIFE!

First Aid Training

CPR-esq will provide your organisation with professional guidance in terms of meeting the Act’s requirements, including the number of trainees and level of training that your organisation legally requires. Training can be facilitated nationally on site (subject to the number of delegates and location) or at our facility. All our first aid courses are accredited and complies with the Health and Safety requirements. On successful completion of the course the delegate will receive a certified certificate valid for three years.

BLS for Healthcare Professionals or CPR for Professionals

The Basic Life Support course is intended for participants who provide health care to patients including in-hospital and out-of-hospital settings.

Family First Aid

CPR-esq family and friends courses are ideal for families who want to learn the basics of first aid. These courses are ideal for families that are starting off, wanting their children to learn or to give their domestics the knowledge to help when an emergency happens. Get your children to learn "Hands only" CPR to help adults in emergency situations.

Mini Medic and Mini Firefighter

These courses are designed for minors who are not of the legal age to do first aid level or basic fire fighting, but want to help other people when the need arises. In this course we will teach children how to treat minor bleeding, caring for burns, choking and water safety. We will also teach children how to do effective "Hands only" CPR.

Basic Fire training

CPR-esq offers basic fire training to companies that require their staff to be trained in the use of fire extinguishers. Training your staff and giving them the knowledge required to fight fires can save not only your premises, but it can save lives too. This course is focused on companies but the invaluable knowledge they will receive can be used in the home environment as well.

Event and Film/Television Shoots

CPR-esq will provide your organisation with a professional team to be on standby for any of your events, film/television shoots or company function. We will make sure that everybody adheres to COIVD-19 screening and will make sure that at all times regulations are being upheld. CPR-esq can also provide security for you event through our affiliate Olympus Protection Services.

For more information on any of the above course please browse our site, alternatively send us a message via our contact page or send and email to

First Aid Courses Online

Want to do a First Aid course, but don't want to leave your home due to COVID-19? Then CPR-esq's online courses are for you. They can be done at your own time, at your own pace and at your own venue. Click "More Info" or contact us for more information.

**Due to COVID-19, strict regulations are set in place. Social distancing policies restrict first aid class sizes to no more than 5 delegates per training session.**


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